“Welcome Home!”

We are fully committed to helping you settle into your new home – the place where you will live, eat, study and more while here at Stanford – and to providing excellent service and support during the coming year.

Please take time to read and review the contents of this packet, which contains practical information and important guidelines that will help as you begin to find your way around.

Included is an insert providing the names and contact information for the R&DE Student Housing Front Desk Supervisor(s) and Housing Building Manager at your residence. They are your primary resources for any housing-related needs. The Front Desk, in particular, is your one-stop help
desk for check-in and check-out, housing communications, campus information and many other services.

You will also find an insert containing important information about our award-winning residential dining program, including details on nutritional support, halal, kosher, food allergy accommodations and more. Please reach out to a member of the Stanford Dining team – chef, manager,
nutritionist – or go to dining.stanford.edu for additional information.

We have added an insert that addresses the critical topics of safety and emergency response. We are always concerned about your well-being here and encourage you to review this information. The back cover of this brochure is a tear-out section on sustainability information you’ll want to
keep handy as well throughout your time in university housing.

Please look for emails and newsletters from your Housing Front Desk Supervisor, Housing Building Manager, and Housing Assignments throughout the year. We will communicate important deadlines (such as the undergraduate Winter Break closure) and special events via email and on the R&DE Student Housing website, studenthousing.stanford.edu.

This is an exciting time at Stanford! In addition to new construction, we continue to maintain a high level of quality and safety in the residences through strategic improvements and renovations. We are committed to informing you about projects in or near the residences that may affect you. Please visit studenthousing.stanford.edu/construction for an overview and updates on specific projects.

Should you need any repairs in your room or apartment, please submit a Fix-It request to fixit.stanford.edu so our maintenance staff can promptly remedy the issue. For any other housing-related questions or issues, please contact your front desk staff.

Best wishes for a successful start in your academic endeavors at Stanford, and for a terrific, worry-free residential living and learning experience on The Farm.

Again, “Welcome Home!” from all of us in Residential & Dining Enterprises.


sHIRLEY j. eVERETTShirley Everett signature

Shirley J. Everett, Ed.D., MBA

Senior Associate Vice Provost
Residential & Dining Enterprises

Imogen HindsImogen Hinds signature

Imogen Hinds, Ed.D., M.Ed.

Executive Director
R&DE Student Housing

Eric MontellEric Montell signature

Eric Montell

Executive Director
R&DE Stanford Dining