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Zero Waste

Zero Waste

Stanford President Marc Tessier-Levigne charged the campus community to “develop transportable sustainability solutions for our region, nation, and the world;  and to deploy Stanford as a lab, aiming to be 80% carbon-free by 2025, and zero waste by 2030.” Do your share in helping achieve Stanford's Vision of increasing and accelerating the university's purposeful impact in the world.

What is Zero Waste?

Zero Waste is an industry term that implies less than 10% of waste goes to landfill, synonymous with a 90% diversion rate or higher. A recent campus waste characterization study determined that 67% of campus waste is recyclable and compostable. Zero Waste by 2030 is achievable -- we just need to be better at sorting our waste.

During Move-in

Your sustainability journey starts at move-in.  

  • There is a huge increase in cardboard boxes in waste enclosures during move-in. Break down or flatten your boxes when putting in the cardboard dumpster to prevent blockage. 
  • Be mindful of large item purchases. Buy large items such as mattress toppers, appliances, and electronics AFTER you arrive, rather than having them shipped from home.   
  • All rooms and apartments are furnished, and there is no room to remove and store furniture.

Did you know?

 Help us recycle efficiently by breaking down your boxes when you use the cardboard bins in the enclosures. This gives more room for other cardboard boxes in the bin

In Your Dorm or Apartment (except EVGR)

  • Use the labeled bins in your dorm room or apartment and the Waste Sorting Guide to sort your trash.
  • Waste is collected in external enclosures near your building. Know the nearest waste enclosure in your area, and plan a regular schedule.
  • Pay attention to hazardous waste – flammable liquids, batteries, etc., and abide by special disposal instructions provided by EHS…
  • Be aware of cross-contamination – any compostable material can be contaminated and becomes landfill if contaminated with non-compostable materials.

At The Waste Enclosure

  • Don’t place material on the ground except for bulky items, electronics and hazardous waste. For electronics and hazardous waste, put it in a box and label it as possible electronic waste or hazardous waste.
  • You are not expected to put large items like furniture in the dumpster. A team collects these bulky items, but put these items on the side, and be sure not to block the dumpsters.
  • Don’t block access to dumpsters or carts. Waste haulers may not service them at all until the next day and that can cause overflow, pest, and odor problems. Be sure to get everything inside of a dumpster or a cart.

In your EVGR Apartment

  • There are waste rooms on every EVGR floor that have chutes specifically labeled for waste material.
  • Be sure to push the waste into the chute far enough so that the chute door closes. 
  • Bag animal waste and cat litter before putting in the landfill chute. 
  • Compostable bags are available in each waste room. Batteries, lightbulbs, electronics, and pizza boxes have a specific collection point – follow posted instructions when disposing of these items.
  • Don’t put cardboard boxes, bulky items, or styrofoam down the chutes – there are designated locations in each building for these items. 
    - For EVGR A Duan Family Hall and Buildings C and D, bring your cardboard to the mailrooms. EVGR Building B residents should bring their cardboard to Makers Space 120.

Did you know?

Stanford’s water comes from the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir, one of the world’s most pristine water sources. Use a reusable water bottle and dispense from water coolers installed in your residence. Not only does this reduce your exposure to plastic particulates, but it also helps reduce plastic waste.

During Move-out

  • Alpaca your stuff and donate during move-out or year-round.
  • Donate clothes and shoes in Recycle for Change collection points all over campus 
  • Bring larger items such as furniture, bikes, electronics, and books to Alpaca Give & Go enclosures during Move-out