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Sustainability in Residential & Dining Enterprises

From Dr. Shirley J. Everett

We are proud to support the University’s sustainability goals in everything we do, from introducing more efficient waste systems and food sourcing strategies to green cleaning and zero-waste programs that promote sustainable living. We make a significant positive impact on our students’ and customers’ awareness and habits while achieving substantial savings and ensuring the Stanford campus’s long-term viability.


R&DE Accomplishments & News

Sustainability is a core value and a way of life at Stanford and R&DE. We achieve substantial gains, earn significant savings, advance research objectives, garner accolades, and grow partnerships, reflecting our vision to be a sustainable and fiscally responsible steward of University resources.


R&DE Sustainability Awards

R&DE’s list of sustainability awards from reputable organizations and institutional partners worldwide and through the years reflects our commitment to lead sustainability efforts at Stanford and our strong partnership with Sustainable Stanford, aligned with senior leadership’s long-term sustainability goals.


Sustainable Living Interns

With the campus serving as a living laboratory, students in the R&DE Sustainability Internship Program gain hands-on experience in sustainability research, pilot program testing, program implementation, and data collection and analytics. Students pursue sustainability projects as varied as installing bathroom paper towel composting, assessing the return on investment of LED light fixtures, and studying the effectiveness of different types of student messaging.


Sustainable Food in R&DE

R&DE Stanford Dining’s award-winning Sustainable Food Program, One Plate, One Planet, collaborates on many aspects of complex global food systems - from equitable supply chains, climate-smart dining, and regenerative agriculture, to reducing food waste and shifting diets towards plant-forward options. We believe that with each plate we serve, and each meal our students eat, we have the opportunity to create a better future for this planet together.


Sustainable Living in R&DE

The R&DE Sustainable Living Program collaborates with students and staff to foster behavior change, reduce energy and water consumption and waste production in our residences, and to integrate long-term sustainable thinking into how we operate. Learn about our key accomplishments and watch our sustainable living video here.