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In support of the academic mission of the university, the Stanford Food Institute was created by Stanford Residential & Dining Enterprises (R&DE) to advance research, education, policy, business, and practice to promote a holistic approach to improving what people eat, how they access food, and the role that food plays in our lives.


To create a wide-reaching platform to inspire and share ideas, and investigate solutions for a better food future
by uniting a community of people who are passionate about delicious, healthy and sustainable food.

The Stanford Food Institute works collaboratively across the university to support




We work closely with students, faculty, and Residential Education to support the academic mission of the university. We offer a wide variety of opportunities for students to engage in experiential food education through academic class collaborations with faculty, the R&DE Teaching Kitchen @Stanford cooking classes, R&DE Stanford Dining organic educational gardens, food-themed seminars and events, student internships in nutrition and sustainability, career guidance for future food leaders and senior capstone and thesis projects in partnership with R&DE Stanford Dining.



In support of the academic mission of the university, R&DE Stanford Dining is a leader in developing best practices to promote healthy, more sustainable food choices through innovative design of the eating experience. We treat our dining halls as living laboratories – dynamic learning environments where we bridge applied research with operational innovations. We have developed unique partnerships with faculty and researchers interested in advancing our collective understanding of nutrition, sustainability and human behavior.


Flavor & Innovation

R&DE Stanford Dining is a leader in designing taste-focused strategies and delicious food experiences that accelerate culinary innovation and incubate future food solutions in support of healthier, more sustainable diets. The Stanford Flavor Lab develops forward-thinking eating experiences and new, exciting menu items that support our culinary, nutrition and sustainable food ethos. R&DE Stanford Dining regularly showcases the unique cooking styles and exceptional culinary skills of our chef team through weekly Chef Tables and pop-up events.


Inspired by R&DE Stanford Dining's transformative food programs, the Stanford Food Institute encompasses four core program areas:
R&DE Teaching Kitchen, One Plate, One Planet, EatWell @ Stanford, and the Stanford Flavor Lab.

R&DE Teaching Kitchen Sustainable Food Program EatWell @ Stanford Stanford Flavor Lab




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Shirley J. Everett

Dr. Shirley J. Everett, EdD, MBA

Senior Associate Vice Provost
Residential & Dining Enterprises
Founder, Stanford Food Institute

Eric Montell

Eric Montell

Assistant Vice Provost
R&DE Stanford Dining, Hospitality & Auxiliaries
Executive Director, Stanford Food Institute

Sophie Egan

Sophie Egan, MPH

Director of Stanford Food Institute and
Sustainable Food Systems
R&DE Stanford Dining, Hospitality & Auxiliaries

Christina Betondo

Christina Betondo

Senior Associate Director of
Student Culinary Excellence
R&DE Stanford Dining, Hospitality & Auxiliaries




quoteOur focus on research and innovation has transformed the Stanford Dining program and we are committed to continuing this journey. It is exciting to think about the new discoveries that lie ahead. We look forward to incorporating them into our work and sharing what we’ve learned with the Stanford community and beyond. The Stanford Food Institute includes collaborators from many disciplines – students, faculty and staff along with producers, chefs and a new generation of entrepreneurs. I am grateful for their contributions; they bring a depth and reach to our work that none of us could have achieved on our own. Together, we are shaping the future of food for the benefit of all humanity."

Shirley J. Everett, EdD, MBA

Senior Associate Vice Provost, Residential & Dining Enterprises
Founder, Stanford Food Institute
Stanford University



Seven Schools


quoteR&DE Stanford Dining believes that students are never an interruption in our day but the reason we are here. We ensure that students are able to thrive with a comprehensive dining program that builds community around the dining room tables and enriches their lives outside of the classroom. Students are able to discuss, debate and exchange ideas and are encouraged to explore delicious, healthy, and sustainable cuisines which are better for them and the planet. While students are charting their academic journey at Stanford, we create innovative dining experiences that enhance their food journey, making the most of their time on the Farm. Our comprehensive dining program offers students opportunities to work with us on sustainability, nutrition, research and other critically important food system strategies. These initiatives allow students to become more knowledgeable and pursue their areas of interest. We engage and partner closely with students as they are the best way forward to build a better food future for all."

Eric Montell

Assistant Vice Provost for R&DE Stanford Dining, Hospitality & Auxiliaries
The Culinary Institute of America, '89




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