Sustainable Living

Sustainable Living

We collaborate with students and staff to foster behavior change, reduce energy, water consumption, and waste in our residences, integrate long-term sustainable practices and thinking into campus operations and infuse sustainability into the lives of all students.

Give & Go

The Give & Go donation program has diverted 327 tons of material from the landfill while giving usable items to communities in need. Live sustainably at Stanford by donating to Give & Go all year round. Donate everything and support charitable organizations that benefit the community while doing your share to further Stanford’s sustainability goals.

Cardinal Clean

Custodians across student housing are already using the award-winning Cardinal Clean system to clean and sanitize close to 100 residence halls. Recently, Cardinal Clean machines have been installed in EVGR and Mirrielees laundry rooms., making Stanford the first campus in the US to offer students access to use this powerful and green cleaning solution for free.

Cardinal Comfort

Take the Cardinal Comfort survey today! Students should feel safe and comfortable in their on-campus living environment, which is why through the Cardinal Comfort Initiative, students can comment how they’re feeling about the ambient temperature at any point in time, and R&DE’s staff will address all concerns promptly. The initiative also aims to educate students on how to properly adjust their thermostats and troubleshoot problems themselves, saving them time and reducing the need for maintenance requests.

Zero Waste

Stanford President Marc Tessier-Levigne charged the campus community to “develop transportable sustainability solutions for our region, nation, and the world;  and to deploy Stanford as a lab, aiming to be 80% carbon-free by 2025, and zero waste by 2030.” Do your share in helping achieve Stanford's Vision of increasing and accelerating the university's purposeful impact in the world.

Carbon-free Living

A carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions from the production, use, and end-of-life of a product or service on our planet. These emissions include carbon dioxide and other gases that trap heat in the atmosphere, causing global warming. While the challenge of global warming is complex, and real solutions will require action on a worldwide scale, there are choices you can make in day-to-day life to lessen your personal impact on the environment.

Sustainable Food

R&DE Stanford Dining is committed to providing healthy and delicious meals that nourish students while supporting a sustainable future and positively influencing lifelong eating behaviors. In collaboration with students, staff, and faculty, R&DE Stanford Dining works to reduce our food related environmental impact through innovative procurement strategies, food waste reduction, and promotion of more plant-forward food choices.

My Cardinal Green

Be an advocate or steward for Zero Waste, Carbon-Free Living and Sustainable Living on campus by registering for My Cardinal Green, a campus program that rewards you for taking actions in your personal life. Earn points towards a $75 reward and help Stanford achieve its goals towards a sustainable future.