Munger Graduate Residence

Sublicensing in Graduate Housing


Note: In order to comply with county orders related to COVID-19, and to support the health of our residents and greater community, sublicensing requests are not being accepted at this time. Please continue to check back periodically for updates. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Graduate students may sublicense their rooms/apartments under certain circumstances if established procedures are followed. Please be sure to read through the pages listed below to be sure that you are eligible to sublicense and that you agree to adhere to the sublicensing policies.

  • Undergraduates and co-terminal students who have not used four years of undergraduate housing guarantee and achieved graduate status are not eligible to sublicense
  • Casual or temporary staff are not eligible to sublicense
  • Extended family of students are not eligible to sublicense
  • Sublicensing is not permitted within off-campus subsidized housing
  • Unauthorized activity includes attempting to make a profit from the housing space, renting to people not eligible to take a sublicense, or renting out spaces that they have no authority to sublicense
  • Violating the sublicensing policies and/or the Residence Agreement risks permanent loss of housing privileges, violation fees (minimum charge is $450), and referral to the Office of Community Standards for judicial review

Stanford students may post a listing for their space in graduate housing in order to sublicense for up to one term per academic year. Current or incoming Stanford affiliates who are looking for a short-term room or apartment may view the listings.  A Sublicense Agreement form and other documents must be submitted to Housing Assignments for review and approval before an agreement can be finalized.

Email: Office: 650-724-3290