Apartments and Suites

Governor's Corner


Undergraduate Apartments and Suite-Style Housing

Two on-campus undergraduate residences—Mirrielees ­and the Suites in Governor’s Corner—offer students an opportunity to live in small groups of two to eight students on campus. These options afford more independence and privacy than are available in residence halls and independent houses. They are best suited for students who wish to make their primary social group small; however, residence-wide social activities are offered as well.

Each apartment in Mirrielees has a living room, dining area, kitchen, two or three bedrooms, and a bathroom, and is shared by two or three students. Each student has their own bedroom. Mirrielees residents are not required to take a meal plan, but may wish to take advantage of the apartment plan offered by Stanford Dining.­ (See our ­Dining Options web page.) During autumn quarter, approximately 50 spaces in Mirrielees are assigned to graduate students. These students are concentrated in specific wings and/or floors. Graduate students assigned to Mirrielees move out over winter break to provide housing for undergraduate students returning from abroad or from leaves for winter quarter.

The Suites, located in Governor’s Corner, consists of units which are like apartments but do not have kitchens. Students living in the Suites are required to join one of four Dining Societies and to sign a Dining Societies agreement.­ There are no exceptions to this requirement.

Each suite has a living room, a shared bath, and either four or six single bedrooms. Two 8-bedroom town-house suites are also available. Students in groups of 3 or 4 are considered first when assigning suites.


Living in an apartment or suite requires considerable joint-decision making and individual responsibility. Before forming a group, think carefully about the requirements of group living and the personal characteristics that would best make a successful living group.

Group Size in Suites

When applying, groups of four will get automatic priority to live in the four or eight person Suites.­ Groups of three will get an automatic priority for the six person suites.­ While the suites usually fill with groups of proper size, if there are not enough group applications to fill these residences, individuals and smaller groups will be assigned to any remaining vacancies. Specific suite assignments are made after the Draw. (See Once You’re Assigned).