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Residence Agreement Overview

When you apply for Stanford University housing, you must sign a residence agreement, a legally binding contract that governs occupancy, conduct in university housing and expectations for proper maintenance of your residence room or apartment. Carefully read the entire agreement before you sign it.

Under the residence agreement, you accept responsibility for paying housing charges for the entire term of your contract. If you move into Stanford housing mid-year, you are responsible for housing charges from the time you are assigned to a residence through the end of your contract. Graduate students on full-year contracts are bound by the residence agreement Autumn Quarter through Summer Quarter.

The residence agreement also specifies expectations for personal conduct. Stanford’s community includes students and staff of different genders, races, colors, religions, sexual orientations, marital statuses and national and ethnic origins. Stanford highly values this diversity, as it contributes significantly towards each student’s social, cultural and intellectual life. Therefore, conduct that violates the rights of others is grounds for immediate termination of your occupancy in university housing and/or the withdrawal of future university housing privileges. In addition, such conduct may result in university disciplinary action under Stanford’s Fundamental Standard.

If you fail to sign the residence agreement, your assignment is subject to cancellation and associated administrative fees.

Undergraduate Residence Agreement 2020-21

Graduate Housing Residence Agreement 2020-21 - Please note that 2020-21 Residence Agreement dates may change due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Residence Agreement and Dates to Know 2019-20 - please note - the 2019-20 Residence Agreement was amended effective 8/30/19. Edits were made under Privacy of Housing Information (p 53).

Residence Agreement 2021-2022

Disclosures, Notices and Warnings

Visit Lead, Asbestos, Pest Control Notices and other Disclosures to view information on lead, asbestos, pest control and Megan’s Law.