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Graduate Housing Rates and Billing Information 

Rates for Living in Graduate Housing

Payment Information

Rates for Living in Graduate Housing

Graduate housing charges usually fall below local area rents and include furnishings at no additional charge. Unlike most off-campus housing in the community, Stanford also includes basic utilities—water, heat, electricity, garbage and sewer—in the housing rate. Coinless/cardless laundry is also included in on-campus graduate housing.

Required Housing Charges and Fees:

Students in graduate housing are required to pay the following housing charges and fees through Student Financial Services while living in university housing. The quarterly rates are listed on the following charts. These rates are subject to minor rounding adjustments depending on contact start and end dates.





Housing Charges per Quarter: The graduate housing rates are based on a per diem rate for the full university calendar year (September 1 to August 31) depending on your residence, student category and type of housing. Graduate students pay for every night that they are in housing. You are billed quarterly based on monthly rates while in continuous housing. Billing will be prorated based on your actual contract start and end dates. When you move into housing, you pay from the first day of the contract period or the day you move in, whichever is earlier. If you are no longer enrolled and move out early, you pay to the end of the term or the date you move out, whichever is later. Your individual contract dates can be found in Axess. If you are not authorized to arrive before or after your contract start and end dates, you are subject to unauthorized occupancy administrative fees (see below). Contact your Housing Service Center if you need to request an early arrival or late departure

Housing charges are billed once at the beginning of each quarter. For two-student couples, only the contract holder can be charged.

2023-24 Billing by Quarter

Billing by QuarterBilling PeriodLength
Autumn9/1/23 - 12/18/233.5667 months
Winter12/18/23 - 3/24/243.2000 months
Spring3/24/24 - 6/17/242.7667 months
Summer6/17/24 - 8/31/242.4666 months

2024-25 Billing by Quarter

Billing by QuarterBilling PeriodLength
Autumn9/1/24 - 12/16/243.5000 months
Winter12/16/24 - 3/23/253.2333 months
Spring3/23/25 - 6/16/252.7667 months
Summer6/16/25 - 8/31/252.5000 months
  • Unauthorized Occupancy Administrative Fees: Students who occupy an apartment or residence without authorization or who have an unauthorized occupant staying in their room at any time will be charged unauthorized occupancy administrative fees of $225 per day or portion of a day. It is assumed you are occupying your room until you remove all of your belongings from your residence and return your keys to your Housing Service Center. There is also a $450 fee if you are found to be participating in an unauthorized sublicense arrangement.
  • Technology Fee: This fee ($87 in 2023-24 and $92 in 2024-25) is billed quarterly and partially offsets the costs of technology provided by the University to student residences.
  • House Dues: Each term, graduate residences assess house dues for educational programs, social activities and other services that aren't included in the housing charges. These dues vary between residences and are billed quarterly.

Optional charges include:

  • Parking Permits
  • Cancellation Fees and/or Termination of Contract Fees assessed if you miss deadlines as indicated in the Residence Agreement
  • Contract Breaker Fees assessed if you leave housing before the end of your contract and are still an enrolled student at the home campus, or if you graduate and move out before the end of the current quarter
  • Meal Plan - Students in graduate housing can sign up for dining plans to eat at various locations on campus

Payment Information

Payment Services are available electronically through Stanford’s online billing and payment system. Bill notification is sent to the student’s primary email address ( and to any authorized payers the student has set up in Axess. Complete payment information and wire instructions can be found on the University Bill section of the Student Financial Services website.

Outstanding balances not paid by the due date may generate holds on your enrollment, transcripts and degree conferral. Acceptance of payment of delinquent housing charges does not waive Stanford's right to terminate your occupancy for any other breach of the Residence Agreement. Acceptance of partial payment of delinquent housing charges does not waive Stanford's right to terminate your occupancy for failure to pay other outstanding charges.

Residents who are not matriculated and unenrolled students (including summer visitors) must pay all room and meal plan charges in full before assuming occupancy of a room.

Billing Information

Fees for housing charges, technology fees and meal plans are charged quarterly on the University Bill prepared by Student Financial Services.

  • All term charges are billed quarterly and due based on the schedule set by Student Financial Services. The dates can be found here.
  • All other charges are billed monthly.
  • Bills are generated on the 25th of each month (or the nearest business day thereafter) and are due on the 20th of the following month.

If you are assigned housing after the beginning of the quarter, you will be billed on the next billing cycle after the charges are incurred. If you are reassigned at any time during the year, your housing charges will be adjusted effective the date you check into the new residence and you will see multiple charges on your account. The balance of the adjustment will be due (or refunded) during the next monthly billing cycle. If you are approved to move into housing earlier than your contract start date or to move out later than your contract end date, you will be charged a prorated daily rate for each night.

The Student Services Center (SSC), located on the second floor of Tresidder Memorial Union, is available to answer questions regarding the university bill. Students may visit the SSC in person, call 866-993-7772 or submit a Service ticket. For more information about the SSC, please visit