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R&DE employees

Our Guiding Principles

Exceptional Service

Customers first! Students are never an interruption in our day, they are the reason we are here. Students must be provided friendly, seamless customer service department-wide with a “one-stop shopping” mindset.


We treat people with respect and build strong relations with our colleagues. Our employees are our greatest assets.


We must communicate in an open and honest manner that establishes credibility with the University, students and staff. We must broaden and deepen collaboration and consultation to achieve buy-in.


We must strive to provide the most competitive value-based services.


An environment must be provided that fosters collaboration without retaliation – respect and trust are our cornerstones.


We must be committed to excellence by providing the highest quality housing and dining with exceptional service. This is offered in clean, safe living and dining spaces in partnership with Residential Education.

Staff Development

Professional/staff development must be ongoing to maintain highest standards that ensure employee skills enhancement and retention.


We must make continuous program and business process enhancements to stay on the cutting edge.


We must be committed to an environment that fosters, values and appreciates diversity.

Fiscal Responsibility

Fiscal accountability must be maintained in a manner that fosters good stewardship, and preserves and enriches residential and dining assets.


A safe and secure environment for students and staff is paramount.

Balanced Work/Home Life

We must create a balance between our work and home life.


We must take ownership for the decisions we make.


Understand that input is valuable, but may not always be used to make decisions.


We must promote our services to the Stanford community to educate them about R&DE and what we provide.

Model Behavior

We must walk our talk.