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Strategic Communications & Marketing collateral

Strategic Communications & Marketing

The R&DE Strategic Communications team supports the work of R&DE with message development, brand and campaign creation, website and collateral development, and strategic planning for marketing and other activities. Our products are targeted, created with specific audiences in mind, and help to position R&DE business partners to effectively communicate in alignment with their goals. Whatever your communications needs, our award-winning team is here to help.



Workfront is the management platform we use to connect clients to work and accelerate organizational success across the enterprise. If you need Strategic Communications & Marketing support, please submit your request here.

If you do not have access to Workfront, please submit your information here and we will create an account for you.


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Service Request

Communicate your program or business through marketing collateral or on your website. Please submit your request via Workfront. This allows us to assign tasks, track progress and collaborate with you on your project. View our Getting Started Guide.

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Photo & Video Needs

Images are more powerful than words and, increasingly, video is proving the most effective way to communicate with all audiences. Request photography or video support here.

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Brand Assets

Brand assets communicate a strong, consistent message that makes it easier for your audience to understand and engage with your business. For assistance in developing logos, taglines and other elements of brand communication, click here.

Click the button below to access our library of logos and view the R&DE brand standards, which includes information about typography, colors, and more.

Strategic Planning &
Campaign Development

At the heart of strategic communications is the ability to connect your audience and purpose with a message that meets that your business objectives. This is the key to creating the most effective communications. If you would like to explore ways to make your communications more effective, or you would like help with specific goals, click here.

Workfront Training &

Workfront, our project management solution, facilitates collaboration on your project. New to Workfront? Access training videos and other helpful resources. Workfront, provides a variety of short videos and guides to help you easily learn about and take advantage of all it has to offer. View our Getting Started Guide.