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Moving In


2023-24 Moving In

Welcome to The Farm!

A new year, a new home, and for some, the start of a new chapter.

The excitement of moving into your home on the Stanford campus often comes with plenty of questions, such as details about your residence, what to bring, where to stay if you want to arrive prior to your move-in date, and much more.  R&DE Student Housing is excited to have you in residence at Stanford as you begin or continue your Stanford career.

We offer a number of resources to help you prepare for your move-in, and to make your check-in and transition as simple and seamless as possible. Below you will find links to all the information you’ll need to answer your most pressing questions. For new undergraduate students, visit the Undergraduate Academic Life website to learn more about academics, the Stanford community, and practical matters. Visit the Residential Education site for information about your residential community. For graduate students, visit Graduate Life Office. Summer Visitors should refer to Summer Session for specific information.

Pre-Move Reminders       Move-in Dates       Checking In       Getting Settled        R&DE Neighborhood Staff         

Pre-Move Reminders


Safety and Emergency Procedures

Before you arrive, please review the important information in Health and Safety.

Bed Bug Advisory

Until recently, not many people knew that the old aphorism “Good night/sleep tight/don’t let the bed bugs bite" was reality based. However, though once almost extinct in the United States, bed bugs have recently become a worldwide problem due to increased travel and decreased use of pesticides. Housing units such as hotel rooms and rooms in college residence halls are especially susceptible to this nuisance, and Stanford and its peer Ivy League and west coast Universities have all reported bed bug cases.

To address the problem, Stanford has developed a proactive pest management program which has been cited as a model for other schools. Though cases of bed bugs are rare at Stanford, we ask that you read information on the “What You Should Know About Bed Bugs” webpage before you arrive.

Please heed the travel precautions so that you don’t inadvertently bring bed bugs onto campus. Also, check your bed periodically for bed bugs after you arrive.

Checking Your Enrollment Status

Before traveling to Stanford, check the Axess home page to verify that no holds have been placed on your account. You will not be able to check into your residence if you have a hold or other enrollment problem. Exception: International students may check into housing before removing a hold placed by the Bechtel International Center.

If you have a hold, contact the office that placed the hold to learn what you need to do to have the hold removed. For other enrollment problems, contact the Registrar’s office at (650) 723-2041 or

If you have any problems you believe cannot be resolved before you arrive, contact the Housing Assignments office at (650) 725-2810 or submit a help ticket between May and September.

Other Helpful Information


Move-In Dates

Move-In DatesAutumn QuarterWinter QuarterSpring Quarter
Undergraduate Housing
Frosh & TransfersSeptember 19, 2023January 6, 2024March 30, 2024
Upperclass StudentsSeptember 21, 2023January 6, 2024March 30, 2024
Graduate Housing
Single Students, Couples without Children, and Students with ChildrenSeptember 15, 2023January 5, 2024March 29, 2024
GSB StudentsSeptember 13, 2023January 5, 2024March 29, 2024


For more detailed information about contract dates, please visit our Residence Agreement Contract Dates page.

Checking In


Move-In Dates Equal Contract Dates

Your contract date will be shown in Axess.  Please verify your contract date before making travel plans.  If the contract date shown is not what you requested/expected, please contact the Housing Assignments office or your Housing Service Center.

Moving into Undergraduate Housing

R&DE Student Housing sets move-in dates to correspond with the beginning of academic terms. However, you may be able to move in early if you need to attend orientation programs, take qualifying or placement exams or take special classes before the general opening of the residences.

* Students need to move in within two days of the posted arrival date unless alternate arrangements have been made with Housing Assignments. Contact your Housing Service Center if you need to check in at a time outside of Housing Service Center hours.

Notes for Undergraduates

  • Freshmen and Transfer Students. For Autumn Quarter, you will receive your keys and Stanford ID cards during check-in on the first day of New Student Orientation (NSO), unless you already have a Stanford ID from a previous program.  If you have an ID, another will not be issued, so please bring your original.
  • All Other Returning Students. Pick up your key during check-in hours from your Housing Service Center. While we prefer to welcome you during business hours, we understand that you may arrive after the Housing Service Center has closed. If so, please call the after-hours emergency maintenance line at (650) 725-1602 when you are ready to check in and the CARE Team can assist you.

Moving in Early

  • You must belong to one of the student groups that Student Housing has authorized for early arrival. This typically includes residence staff, New Student Orientation volunteers, and members of Stanford athletic teams.
  • The group must provide your name to the Housing Assignments office.
  • Contact your group for exact dates and instructions.
  • If you move in early, Student Housing will prorate your rent for the additional days you live on campus outside of your contract dates. See Housing rates.
  • If you request and are authorized for early-arrival, but change your plans, you must cancel the early arrival request.  If you fail to give two weeks’ notice that you will not be arriving early, you will be billed for early-arrival rent whether or not you move in early.

Moving into Graduate Housing

There are multiple move-in dates available to single graduate students, couples without children and students with children for the autumn. Depending on your academic program and residence, you can request move-in dates as early as mid-June or as late as mid-September for Autumn Quarter. Move-in dates for Winter Quarter begin in January and, for Spring Quarter, in late March. There are also multiple move-in dates for Summer Quarter, based on participation in specific academic programs.

* Please contact your Housing Service Center in advance if you need to check in at a time outside of Housing Service Center hours.

* If you arrive outside of office hours, please contact the after hours hotline at (650) 725-1602 when you have arrived and someone will come out to your Housing Service Center to assist you.


Moving in Late

  • If you are unable to move in by the deadline, you must email your Housing Service Center of your expected arrival date at least two weeks in advance. (Phone calls are accepted only if you experience a travel delay on your way to Stanford.)
  • Student Housing will hold your space for up to seven days if you are registered and in good academic standing. Please email Housing Assignments if you anticipate arriving more than seven days late.
  • If you miss the move-in deadline without notifying your Housing Service Center, your housing assignment will be cancelled, your room will be reassigned to another student, and you will be charged a cancellation fee of $550.

Picking up your key

  • When checking in and picking up your key, you will need to present your Stanford ID card or government-issued photo ID such as a driver’s license or passport. You can pick up your room key(s) from your Housing Service Center.
  • If you want a friend to pick up your key(s), you must email your Housing Service Center with a signed proxy letter authorizing the release of your key(s) to this person. When your friend comes to pick up your keys, they must provide an approved photo ID and sign their name in your place.
  • Before you arrive, check Axess to verify that no holds (for unpaid bills, for example) have been placed on your account. You will not be able to check in if you have a hold or other enrollment problem. Exception: International students may check into housing before removing a hold placed by the Bechtel International Center.
  • If you find that a hold has been placed on your account, contact the office that placed it to learn what you need to do to have the hold removed. For other enrollment problems, contact the Student Services Center at 650-723-7772. 

Getting Settled

Getting settled

Meeting Your Roommate

If you live in undergraduate or single graduate housing, chances are you will live with a roommate for most of your Stanford years. 

When you first meet your roommate, decide together how to arrange the furniture, and discuss issues like noise level, guests, cleaning, personal and shared property, and how you will resolve differences that arise.

New UndergraduatesIf you arrive before your roommate on the first day of New Student Orientation, you may want to wait for him or her to arrive before making decisions about how to arrange the furniture and who gets which side of the room.
Many graduate students live in the same rooms and apartments for several years, and new residents arrive on different dates. If your roommate has moved into a room or apartment before you, he or she may have settled into the bedroom or taken the bed you prefer. Don’t expect your roommate to move to accommodate your preference.

Checking the Condition of Your Room/Apartment

Student Housing Staff members clean and inspect your room or apartment before you arrive.

If you are a single graduate student sharing a room or apartment, your roommate may already have been living there for some time, as graduate students often retain the same room or apartment for multiple years.

In this case, Student Housing custodians clean your bedroom and tidy up common areas. However, out of respect for the other occupant/s, they will leave closed spaces such as closets, cupboards, and refrigerators untouched.

Areas that custodians have cleaned may become dirty again before you arrive. If you are not satisfied with the cleanliness of your common areas, please notify your Housing Supervisor.

Room Condition and Inventory Form

You must fill out a Room or Apartment Condition and Inventory Form whenever you move into a new room or apartment, whether at the beginning or middle of the school year. This form asks you to assess the condition and contents of your room/apartment upon your arrival, and protects you from having to be responsible for pre-existing damages.

Please submit your room condition form within five days of your move. You may make changes to the form within your first two weeks of occupancy. If you change rooms or apartments during the year, be sure to complete a new condition form.

If you choose not to complete the room condition form, your room will be considered in acceptable condition, and you will be held responsible for any and all damages.

Get Set Up

  • The entire Residential & Dining Enterprises (R&DE) team is excited to welcome students to campus. We are fully committed to helping you settle into your new home – the place where you will live, eat, study, and more while here at Stanford – and to providing excellent service and support during the coming year. Review our Welcome Packet to help you find your way around. 
  • If you did not receive your ID card at check-in, or have lost your card, visit the ID Card Office on the second floor of Tresidder Memorial Union.
  • Set up your wireless connection.
  • Review tips and policies on personalizing your room or apartment.
  • Update your address, telephone number, and privacy settings in Axess, under the Personal Info tab. 
  • Familiarize yourself with the Emergency Evacuation Map in your room. Locate the Emergency Assembly point outside your building. Review this page for Emergency Information and Be Quake Safe.
  • Register your bike
  • Buy a parking permit if you own a car. Permits are sold through Stanford Transportation.
  • For more information
    • Undergraduates: Consult your Approaching Stanford handbook or the website.
    • Graduate students: Check the Graduate Life Office New Graduate Student Orientation website