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Moving Out

Whether you are leaving for the summer or moving on to your next adventure, we here in R&DE Student Housing are sorry to see you go! Please check out the sections below for helpful information to make your transition as smooth as possible. Whether you need to change the length of your contract, store your things for the summer, or find a place to donate unneeded items, it’s all right here.

Escondido Village

Move Out Information

Vacating Your Room or Apartment

After you move out, Student Housing staff will make a final inspection of the space.

You will be charged for costs associated with additional cleaning, rearranging furniture, de-lofting beds, replacing missing keys or furniture, removing abandoned belongings, and repairing damaged property you didn’t list on your Room Condition Form when you moved in.

If Student Housing custodians need to clean and repair property in common areas, you and your roommate/s will share the costs equally if we can’t identify the responsible party.

Move-Out Deadlines

Stanford houses students, conference attendees, and other visitors throughout the year. It is essential that you vacate your room or apartment by your move-out deadline so Student Housing staff has time to prepare it for new residents or visitors. Check the graduate or undergraduate calendar for posted move-out dates; your Housing Service Center Supervisor also will have them.

Storage Services

If you need to store some of your belongings, a variety of Storage Services are available. Be sure to make arrangements in advance.

Preliminary Inspections

You or your Housing Building Manager may arrange to have your room or apartment pre-inspected.  Contact the Housing Service Center if you want to request an inspection to address concerns before you move.

Because of the sheer number of inspections Housing conducts, staff cannot schedule individual inspection appointments. However, if you are unavailable for your preliminary inspection, the staff will leave a notice for you.

Moving To A New Residence, Room, Or Apartment

If you will be moving to a new residence or a different room or apartment within your same residence, pick up the keys at the Housing Service Center for your new residence and return your old keys to the Housing Service Center for your old residence.

When You Can Move To Your New Residence

Academic Term

Undergraduate/Graduate Housing

During autumn, winter, or spring terms

Contact your Housing Service Center

Between spring and summer terms

See “Housing for academic breaks & summer”

Between summer and autumn terms

See “Housing for academic breaks & summer”

Moving Out Safely

Move-out periods provide plenty of opportunities for thieves. When you are packing, storing, and loading your belongings:

  • Keep your room/apartment doors locked.
  • Do not prop open the doors to your building.
  • Keep an eye on your possessions.
  • Do not leave valuables in your car overnight.


Early or Late Move Outs Checklist

Moving Out Early

If you move out earlier than your Residence Agreement specifies, you remain responsible for rent unless you have been released from your rent obligation under the Termination of Agreement section of the Residence Agreement—in writing—by Housing Assignments.

If you move out of University housing for any reason prior to the end of your contract period, you must file an online termination form in Axess. This includes:

  • Undergraduates who move out any time before the end of Spring Quarter
  • Graduate students on an academic-year contract who move out before the end of Spring Quarter
  • Graduate students on a full-year contract who move out before the end of Summer Quarter

You can terminate your assignment on Axess.

  • Go to the Student menu
  • Select Housing and Dining
  • Select Terminate Occupancy and follow the prompts

Students who wish to move out of housing before the end of their contract while they are still enrolled should file a petition under the R&DE Portal in Axess.

If you are just moving to a new residence or changing rooms or apartments within your current residence, you do not need to file a Termination of Occupancy form. See Moving to a new room/apartment.

Termination of Occupancy Deadlines and Fees

Please see the Residence Agreement to view the dates by which to file and the associated fees. Click on Residence Agreement and Dates to Know.

Moving Out Late

If you need to stay past your move-out date, contact your Housing Service Center to discuss the possibility of a late departure. You will be charged additional rent for each day that you remain in your room or apartment.

In some residences, it’s not possible for Student Housing to grant requests for late departure because time is needed to clean and prepare residences for incoming students or guests. If you can’t arrange a late departure, look into alternative housing options in the Community Housing section of our website.

In all graduate residences except the GSB Residences, students with full-year contracts who need to stay past Spring Quarter but who don’t need housing for the entire summer may delay their departure to one of two extended move-out dates in mid-July or early August. These dates will be available on the online termination form in April.


Off-Campus Housing Move-Out Checklist

  • Return all university-provided furniture to its original location.
  • Return all rented or borrowed equipment to the correct office.
  • Remove all personal possessions from your room or apartment. No personal items may be stored in the apartment.
  • Clean your room and apartment common areas. See the Residence Agreement "Cleaning and Moving Out" section for instructions. You and your roommates are jointly responsible for cleaning common areas.
  • Keep common areas clear during your move-out. Fire and safety codes prohibit blocking corridors, stairwells, and other common areas. If staff finds your belongings in these areas, they will be removed and you will be subject to a fee for this removal.
  • Remove all decorations from windows, walls, mirrors, and doors.
  • Dispose of trash and recycling in the appropriate bin or dumpster. Items left behind will be considered abandoned and will incur a disposal fee that will be applied to your university bill.
  • Forward your mail / change your address with the United States Postal Service by filling out the official change of address form. There is a $1 fee for filing online.
  • Update your address and phone number in Axess.
  • For residents of Oak Creek and Locale: Return your off-campus apartment keys, parking permit/pass, garage key fob, and complex ID card (if applicable) to the Off-Campus Housing Service Center located at 735 Campus Drive, Suite 100. If you return the aforementioned items when we are closed, please utilize the envelopes provided by filling out your name and apartment location then placing all items into the key drop box. Apartment keys, parking permits, garage key fobs, and complex ID cards that are not returned will incur fees ranging from $50-$250.
  • For residents of all other Off-Campus Housing properties: Return your keys, parking permit/pass, garage key fob, and complex ID ard (if applicable) directly to the property manager. Apartment keys, parking permits, garage key fobs, and complex ID cards that are not returned will incur fees ranging from $50-$250.