Undergraduate Mail

The following addressing standard should be used to ensure proper delivery of mail and packages and prompt notification of package arrival.

Student First and Last Name - SUNet ID
459 Lagunita Drive (Address 1)
c/o Stanford Tresidder Package Center (Address 2)

Stanford, CA 94305

Jane Stanford - jstanford 
459 Lagunita Drive
c/o Stanford Tresidder Package Center  
Stanford, CA 94305

For more information and FAQs, visit

Tresidder Package Center

Mail and packages for students living in undergraduate housing, including EVGR-A and the Row, will be available for pickup at the Tresidder Package Center or at one of the Smart Lockers on campus.  The Tresidder Package Center is conveniently located on the first floor of Tresidder Memorial Union, next to The Treehouse restaurant.

When your package is ready for pick up, the notification will come from UG2 (and not the shipping carrier.) Packages left in smart lockers will be held in a locker for up to two days, then they will be moved and held at the Tresidder Package Center for an additional seven days.

Package Center Hours:
Monday – Friday: 8am – 8pm
Saturday: 10am – 6pm
Sunday: 10am – 2pm
Closed on all Stanford Holidays

Mail and Packages in Graduate Housing

See below for mail to EVGR B, C and D. For more information and FAQs, visit

Residents of Graduate Housing (except EVGR) may address mail and packages to their apartment. Mail should be addressed to:

Your Name
Street Address of Residence, apartment number
Stanford, CA 94305

To find your residence address, check Housing Options.

EVGR Mail and Packages

Residents of EVGR Buildings B, C and D should address their mail and packages as follows:

Jane Stanford
123 Campus Drive
Apt #103B
Stanford, CA 94305

Street addresses
Building B: 735 Campus Drive
Building C: 726 Serra Street
Building D: 736 Serra Street

When your package is ready for pick up, the notification will come from UG2 (and not the shipping carrier.) Packages left in smart lockers [link to section below] will be held in a locker for up to two days, then they will be moved and held at the GPC for an additional seven days.

Mail Forwarding for EVGR residents only

To request your first class United State Postal Service (USPS) flat mail and packages be forwarded to another domestic US address, please navigate to this portal: and provide the information requested.

  • This portal should only be used by EVGR students moving out of EVGR entirely. UG2 will not forward mail from one EVGR location to another EVGR location. 
  • Forwarding will continue for one year after you move out of EVGR. Items from other carriers (UPS, FedEx, DHL, Amazon, etc.), magazines, bulk mail, etc., will be returned to sender or discarded.  
  • If you have moved from one EVGR unit to another EVGR unit, please alert any senders of your new address and new apartment number.

Graduate Package Center

We encourage all non-EVGR graduate students to opt in to use the Graduate Package Center (GPC) for secure delivery of packages, rather than having packages delivered directly to your residence. To arrange package delivery to the GPC, simply address your packages as shown below, using your full first and last name and your SUNet ID. When your package is ready for pick up, the notification will come from UG2 (and not the shipping carrier.) Packages left in smart lockers will be held in a locker for up to two days, then they will be held at the GPC for pick up for an additional seven days.

Packages should be addressed to:

Jane Stanford - jstanford
160 Comstock Circle
c/o Graduate Package Center
Stanford, CA 94305

Munger and Lyman residents may opt to receive their packages at the Tresidder Package Center location, if this is more convenient. For the Tresidder location, address your packages with your full first name, full last name and SUNet ID.

Jane Stanford - jstanford
459 Lagunita Drive
c/o Tresidder Package Center
Stanford, CA 94305

Mail Delivery to Spouse/Partner

To facilitate mail delivery to a spouse/partner:

  • The spouse/partner should send an email to asking to be assigned a unique identifier in the UG2/Pitney Bowes system.  
  • The spouse/partner must copy in (cc:) the student contract holder when submitting the email request.
  • The spouse or partner MUST include their own First Name, Last Name, and Email Address when submitting their request.
  • Once UG2 creates the unique identifier, UG2 staff will email the spouse/partner sharing the unique identifier that has been assigned to them by UG2.
  • The spouse/partner should use the unique identifier in the top line of the address, next to first and last name.

Smart Lockers

Smart lockers are located at the Tresidder and Graduate Package Centers and in convenient campus locations. (See map below) UG2 prioritizes placing packages in the locker closest to the recipient's residence.

If your package has been placed in a smart locker, you will receive an email notification from UG2 that includes the location and a QR code and six-digit pin code. At the locker, scan the barcode below from your phone. For best results:

  • Turn the brightness all the way up
  • Ensure entire barcode is visible
  • Hold your phone about 6 inches from the locker's barcode reader (located below the screen).

Or, you can use the 6 digit pin code, under the QR code, to open the locker – just hit "Enter manually" button on the kiosk and enter the code on the next screen.

Please pick up your package within 2 days. After that time, the package will be held at your designated Package Center* for 7 days and a new notification will be sent to you.

Ship-to-School Service Option

As students are unable to receive packages at the Package Center before moving in, Stanford housing has collaborated with our storage vendor, Collegeboxes, to provide Ship-to-School Service.  This service provides a cost-effective, convenient, and reliable way to transport your personal belongings and packages, having them delivered directly to your room or apartment at a specific time.  Please note that this is a separate process and service from standard package shipping and delivery (outlined above).  The university assumes no responsibility for loss of, or damage to, items included in this process.  Additionally, contracts with vendors are entered into by the student and the firm.  The university is not a party to these contracts.  See Storage Services for more information about this shipping option.

United States Postal Service

The on-site U.S. Post Office branch (Tel: (650) 321-4239) is located next to the Stanford Bookstore.  Business hours are Monday-Friday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., although their self-service box lobby continues to be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Contact Information

Tresidder Package Center
(617) 982-2301

Graduate Package Center
(650) 723-4479

For more information and FAQs, visit