Storage Services

Storage Services Offered

R&DE Student Housing is pleased to announce that we have arranged with professional storage vendor (for storage of boxes and individual items, “at your door” moving services, and portable storage units)  as our 2021-2022 preferred vendor to provide year-round storage of students' items, as well as summer-only storage., owned by U-Haul International, Inc., will store student's belongings, including odd-sized items as well as boxed items, in their nearby, secure, climate-controlled facility, and will transport them to and from campus as part of the service fee. Collegeboxes also offers "At Your Door" pickup and delivery, boxes and packing supplies, and shipping to and from school.  

Collegeboxes is also our preferred vendor for larger, portable storage units this year.  Details are available on their dedicated Stanford U-Box website.

Early reservations for all storage services are highly recommended.

Please note: The University assumes no responsibility for loss of, or damage to, items in storage. Additionally, contracts with our preferred vendors are entered into by the student and the company. The University is not a party to these contracts.

Students who opt to use a non-preferred storage container vendor will have restricted options on where the containers may be located, and might find that they are not able to have units placed in the locations most convenient to their residence, which have been reserved for use by the preferred vendor.  For a map of non-preferred vendor drop locations, click here. Non-preferred vendors may only drop containers in the specified non-preferred drop locations, and have a 72-hour stay limit at these locations.

"At Your Door" Storage Service With Collegeboxes

Collegeboxes offers a full service storage option to Stanford students

Here's how "Stanford At Your Door" service works:

Stanford At Your Door Storage, leave the heavy lifting to us!

  1. Sign up for At Your Door service online and select the pick-up date and time most convenient for you.
    • Go to, click on "Summer Storage & Shipping." Select Stanford University "At Your Door" Service - Stanford, CA;
  2. Boxes and supply purchase options.
    • A starter kit purchase is required during sign up process. The starter kit will be shipped to you via FedEx or UPS. Kit includes 5 boxes, tape, marker, 10 label pouches, and 5 zip ties.
  3. Log in to your account to create and print storage
    and shipping labels.
    • For items you want stored over the Summer: Create, print, and affix storage labels to your boxes, bike, and/or odd-shaped items.
    • For boxes you want shipped home: Create, print, and affix shipping labels to your boxes (only boxes can be shipped). These boxes will be transported to the U-Haul Center and then shipped via UPS after being picked up from your dorm.
  4. On your pickup date and time you selected, a mover will come to your dorm and pick up your labeled storage and shipping items.
  5. Collegeboxes scans and stores items labeled for storage and ships boxes labeled for shipping.
  6. When you return in the Fall, your stored items will be delivered to your new dorm room on your selected delivery date and time.

*Boxes and supplies may also be purchased for personal use.

Ship to School Service with Collegeboxes

Collegeboxes offers a full service "Ship To School" option to Stanford students

Here's how "Ship To School" service works:

Ship to School - The easiest way to get to School

  1. Sign up online, purchase starter kit, enter pick-up date and address, and select final delivery date and dorm.
    • Go to, then click on "Ship to School," Select Stanford University, "Ship To School."
  2. Collegeboxes ships you a starter kit
    (includes 5 boxes, tape, label pouches, and a marker)
  3. Pack your boxes and affix barcode labels you create using your account
  4. Schedule a UPS/FedEx pickup for your boxes from account
  5. Collegeboxes receives and holds your boxes at our secure climate-controlled storage facility
  6. Collegeboxes delivers your boxes directly to your room, on the date and time selected's Ship To School service increases the ease and efficiency of moving into residences and shipping packages. This service provides a cost-effective, convenient, and reliable way to transport your personal belongings and packages,having them delivered directly to your room or apartment at a specific time. Please note that this is a separate process and service from standard package shipping and delivery (outlined above).