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The House and Room Selection application portal opens March 30 and applications are due April 18! This year, the process by which students select undergraduate housing is changing to a self-select model. This new way of selecting housing will increase transparency in the process and give students more agency by allowing them to make decisions in real time based on exactly what is available when it is their time to pick a house and room. Read on for important details about what you need to do in order to secure 2022-23 undergraduate housing.


2022-2023 Housing Assignments Timeline

House and Room Selection          Pre-Assignment          Disability-Related Accommodations


House and Room Selection Timeline

Pre-Assignment Timeline

Disability-Related Accommodations Timeline

House and Room Selection - How It Works

  • If you are participating in House and Room Selection, you will be emailed a gate time on May 19. The gate time is when you may select your house and room assignment within the housing portal.
  • You do not have to select your housing at your gate time. However, while you wait, more students will enter their gate times and the number of available spaces will decrease.
  • If you applied as a group, all members of your group have the same gate time. You may each select your assignment individually, or if you like, you can appoint one person in the group to select for everyone (see Assign a Proxy, below).
  • Your gate time is based on your cohort year. Seniors get the earliest gate times, then juniors, then sophomores. If you applied as a group with a mix of cohorts, your gate time is driven by the student in the lowest cohort. For example, a group of 2 juniors and a sophomore will receive a sophomore gate time.
  • After you select your assignment, you can change that assignment as many times as you want until House and Room Selection ends at 9 p.m. on May 27.
  • There are 5 minutes between the start of each gate time. However, be advised that students with earlier gate times may change their assignments, so availability of spaces can change at any time. Once you’ve selected your housing assignment, no one else can select that space.
  • After you select your house and room, additional spaces may open up if students who selected their housing earlier change their assignments or if the gender balance in a house is adjusted (see below for details). If you are not happy with your initial selection, you may want to check back throughout the week to see if new rooms have become available.
  • On May 24 - 27 from 9 a.m. - noon, each day, the housing portal will be unavailable to allow for system maintenance and gender rebalancing. Students will not have access or be able to make room selections during this maintenance window. No gate times begin during this period.
  • Only students selected to preassign to University Theme Houses will select their rooms on Monday, May 23. All other students will have gate times between May 24 - 27.
  • House and room selection will end at 9 p.m. on May 27. No students will be able to select or change their housing assignments after that time.
  • Students who are preassigned to a University Theme House must select their rooms by 8 p.m on Monday, May 23 or they will be automatically allocated a space within their preassigned house.
  • All other students must select their rooms by 9 p.m. on Friday, May 27 or they will be automatically allocated a space within their neighborhood.
  • Students living in Greek houses, students assigned through the medical accommodation process, and students living in co-ops that use a consensus model to make room assignments will not be assigned gate times.


You may enter the housing portal to explore your options and view floorplans by clicking the link below beginning at 9 a.m. on May 23.


Plan Ahead

In order to help you plan for House and Room Selection, you may enter the housing portal beginning at 9 a.m. on May 23. This will allow you to get a feel for the portal, review floor plans, and monitor what rooms are available. You won’t be able to select a housing assignment until your gate time begins.

We have created videos for each of our neighborhoods, complete with student testimonials, to help you explore your options as you select your housing. Check them out below.

A list of which residences are available in your neighborhood can be found here. Please note that vacancies in University Theme Houses will only be available to students living in that theme’s neighborhood. Additionally, the number of Mirrielees and EVGR-A spaces available in each neighborhood may fluctuate from what is posted online depending on the number of students who entered or left that neighborhood via the preassignment and staff assignment processes.

Assign A Proxy

You may designate another student to serve as your proxy for the House and Room Selection process. To do this, you must do the following:

The student serving as your proxy will be able to login and select a room on your behalf. If you assign a proxy, either you or your proxy can select your room.

If you are a proxy for one or more students, you will see a dropdown listing the names of those who assigned you as a proxy when you login to the housing portal. To select a room on behalf of a student, select their name from the dropdown.


Gender Rebalancing

All rooms in undergraduate housing are coded in one of four ways.

  • Male rooms (only students who have identified as male can select these spaces)
  • Female rooms (only students who have identified as female can select these spaces)
  • Non-binary/Fluid rooms (only students who have identified as Non-binary/Fluid can select these spaces)
  • Gender-inclusive (any student, regardless of their gender, can select these spaces)

When you enter the housing portal, you will only see the rooms for your gender in addition to the gender inclusive spaces.

Because gender inclusive spaces can go to students of any gender and because we want to ensure an adequate gender balance in all houses, we may have to change the gender designation of some rooms, depending on how the gender inclusive rooms fill. For example, if the gender inclusive spaces in a given house were overwhelmingly taken by men, we would need to decrease the number of male spaces elsewhere in the house.

Gender rebalancing will take place May 24 - 27 during the daily maintenance window, which takes place from 9 a.m. - noon. Students will not have access or be able to make room selections during this maintenance window. No gate times begin during this period.

As a reminder, gender inclusive housing is not for students in romantic relationships. Students in intimate, committed relationships who wish to live together are eligible to apply for couples housing, which is located in our graduate housing community.

Partial Room Vacancies

If you are selecting a multiple occupancy room, such as a double, by yourself, you are strongly encouraged to select a room that already has a student assigned to it.

We anticipate very high occupancy in undergraduate housing for autumn quarter. By selecting a room that already has a student assigned, you will be allowing your classmates who applied as groups the opportunity to live together in the same room.

Please note that students who select into multiple occupancy rooms by themselves may be consolidated with other students within their selected house if it is necessary to rebalance the gender in that house. If this occurs, the student will be moved into the same room type they selected. For example, a student who selects a female space in a one room double may be moved to a female space in a different one room double. If this occurs, you will be notified of the consolidation.

Reassignment Period

If you are unhappy with the room you selected, you will have an opportunity to change your assignment. We anticipate receiving housing cancellations over the summer. The housing portal will open again for reassignments Monday, July 11 - Friday, July 15. More information about this process will be sent to you after House and Room Selection closes on May 27.

Neighborhood Videos
Neighborhood S
Neighborhood T
Neighborhood A
Neighborhood N
Neighborhood F
Neighborhood O
Neighborhood R
Neighborhood D


Assignments Outside Your Neighborhood (Neighborhoods Abroad)

If you are interested in a university theme house, you should investigate pre-assignments through the Res Ed website. Students may live in a university theme house outside their neighborhood for a year or two and then return to their home neighborhood without penalty.

Neighborhood Dining

There are great new meal options for students - seven days a week in every neighborhood!

The new ResX neighborhood meal program allows students the flexibility to eat in locations across the campus, while also developing friendships within their neighborhood and enjoying opportunities to sustain the unique interpersonal connections which will occur in each neighborhood. It equalizes the meal plan cost across Row houses, Suites, and Dining halls while providing high-quality, sustainable and nutritious cuisine, across all neighborhoods, to meet a wide variety of dietary needs for a diverse student community.


Blackened Catfish

Dining Halls & Retail Locations

Our campus dining halls and retail locations have flavorful selections for every taste.​

Grab-N-Go Offerings

The Market at Munger

A one-stop shop for campus living essentials: groceries, produce and ready-to-eat meals. Open evenings and weekends.

Student ID with Food Image

Cardinal Dollars

Save on meals at dining halls, retail locations, and athletic concessions locations​

EVGR Marketplace

EVGR Marketplace

Stop for coffee, grab-and-go salads and sandwiches, meal kits, produce, deli/dairy, pantry basics, snacks, beverages and more. Stanford Dining and 24/7 vending available.