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Gerhard Casper Quad

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Gerhard Casper Quad consists of four residences and the Gerhard Casper Dining Commons. The four residences that make up the quad are Ng House, Kimball, Castaño and Lantana Halls. For Autumn 2020 they will house approximately 480 students in a singles and two-room doubles. 

Gerhard Casper Quad was dedicated in honor of Gerhard Casper, Stanford President from 1992 - 2000, on May 31, 2016.

Kimball Hall was named for former Stanford trustee William Kimball and his wife, Sara. When Kimball was in his junior year as an economics major, he found an unusual way to help pay his tuition- selling Coca Cola as the campus franchisee.  “Back then,” he recalled, “it was all on the honor system—anyone who wanted a Coke just signed their name on a sheet of paper and left the money.”

Ng House is the Humanities theme residence, and home to students who share a passion for any dimension of the human experience

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General Information

Residence Name

Gerhard Casper Quad (formerly Manzanita Park) Map

Area of Campus


Navigation Address

661 Escondido Road, Stanford, CA 94305

Housing Service Center

Gerhard Casper Quad Housing Service Center

Dining Service

Serving the Ng House, Kimball, Lantana and Castaño residences, the Gerhard Casper Dining Commons offers fantastic grilled items, frozen yogurt, signature salads, and daily pizza offerings. With its large, vaulted-ceiling dining rooms and circular tables, it's one of the most conversationally conducive dining facilities on campus. A Stanford Dining neighborhood dining hall meal plan is required.

Class Configuration

All-frosh and Upperclass


Separate bathrooms and showers for men and women are located on each floor.

Residence Type

Residence Hall

Custodial Service

University managed

Residence Videos
Gerhard Casper Quad - Castaño
Gerhard Casper Quad - Kimball
Gerhard Casper Quad - Ng
Single room - Top View
Single room - Top View
Double Room - Top View
Double Room Top View
2-Room Double - Top View
2-Room Double - Top View
Triple - Top View

Gerhard Casper Quad Houses

Types of Houses


Coed type

*Res Ed Program​

Ng House​


Mixed-gender by corridor

Humanities theme

Kimball Hall


Mixed-gender by corridor

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Castaño Hall


Single-sex corridors and mixed-gender corridors

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Lantana Hall


Mixed-gender by corridor

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Wall-to-wall carpeting
Window coverings
High-speed internet access
Telephone and telephone line
Cable TV capability
Extra-long twin bed
Desk and chair
Waste basket and recycling bin