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This residence is a part of Neighborhoods S and T


Wilbur Hall is a large residence complex consisting of eight houses which surround a central dining commons. Okada House, part of Neighborhood S, is the Asian-American theme house, an inclusive space where people of all identities and backgrounds can explore identity and lift their voices as a community. Learn more about this program here. Otero House in Neighborhood T, is home to the Public Service and Civic Engagement theme house. Service Scholars in Otero make a year-long commitment to a public service program or organization. Learn more about this theme here.

The complex has breezeways that connect adjacent houses from the second and third floors and extensive laundry equipment in its basement. Wilbur Hall is named for Ray Lyman Wilbur, a Stanford alumnus, who served as dean of the Stanford School of Medicine, third Stanford president (1916-1943), and chancellor. As with Stern Hall, Wilbur was built following World War II and moved away from the arches and intricacies that characterized the rest of Stanford campus. Each house in Wilbur is named for a Spanish word.  Though originally designed as an all-men’s residence, the complex has been mixed-gender for several decades.

For information on the accessibility of residences for both living and visiting, please reference our Undergraduate Residences Accessibility Summary chart.


General Information

Residence Name Wilbur Hall – Map
Area of Campus Eastside
Navigation Address 658 Escondido Road, Stanford, CA 94305
Housing Front Desk Wilbur Housing Front Desk
Dining Service Stanford's largest residential dining complex, Wilbur Dining serves residents of Arroyo, Cedro, Junipero, Okada, Otero, Rinconada, Soto, and Trancos.
Housing Category Six houses - all-frosh, all-sophomore and 4-class
Custodial Service University managed
Residence Videos
Wilbur - Okada
Wilbur - Arroyo
Single room - Top View
Single room - Top View
Double room - Top View
Double room - Top View

Wilbur Houses



Coed type

Res Ed Program

Arroyo All-sophomore Mixed-gender by corridor N/A
Cedro All-frosh Mixed-gender by corridor N/A
Junipero All-frosh Mixed-gender by corridor N/A
Okada 4-class Mixed-gender by corridor Ethnic Theme House - Asian American Focus.
Otero 4-class Mixed-gender by corridor Public Service & Civic Engagement theme
Rinconada All-frosh Mixed-gender by corridor N/A
Soto All-frosh Mixed-gender by corridor N/A
Trancos All-sophomore Mixed-gender by corridor N/A


Wall-to-wall carpeting Extra-long twin bed
Window coverings Desk and chair
High-speed internet access Bookshelves
Telephone and telephone line Dresser
Cable TV capability Mirror
  Waste basket and recycling bin