Crothers Hall

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Renovated in 2009, Crothers Hall, consisting of Crothers, Crothers Memorial and the Mark Taper Student Center is a vibrant upperclass community located very conveniently to the center of campus. 233 students, housed in generously sized single rooms, enjoy spacious indoor and outdoor common spaces as well as staff support available in the Mark Taper Student Center.

Crothers Hall, was named for sponsor Judge George Edward Crothers, “one of the University’s most illustrious and beloved sons.” One of the first students to enter Leland Stanford Junior University on its opening day, Crothers also was the first graduate in law (1896), the first Stanford alumnus to serve on the Stanford Board of Trustees and the first to endow a law scholarship (1912).

After graduating from Stanford, Crothers ran a flourishing law practice with his brother, T. G. Crothers. After leading a campaign in 1900 to amend the California Constitution that would solidify the University’s judicial structure, Crothers became Jane Stanford’s advisor and lawyer. He was appointed to California’s Superior Court bench in 1913.

During the closing years of Mrs. Stanford’s life, Judge Crothers administered a trust of about $6,000,000 and conveyed it to the university upon her death - without, it is reported, “stirring a single word of public comment to excite litigation.”

For information on the accessibility of residences for both living and visiting, please reference our Undergraduate Residences Accessibility Summary chart.


General Information

Residence Name Crothers Hall - Map
Neighborhood Eastside
Navigation Address

609 Escondido Mall, Stanford, CA 94305

Taper Student Center:
615 Escondido Road, Stanford, CA 94305

Crothers Memorial:
621 Escondido Rd, Stanford, CA 94305

Housing Front Desk Crothers Hall Housing Front Desk
Class Configuration Upperclass (subject to change)
Co-ed Type Co-ed by corridor (students of different genders live on the same floor);

Crothers has both gender-neutral and traditional restrooms.  All stalls, showers and changing areas have privacy partitions.

All bathrooms and restrooms in Crothers Hall and Crothers Memorial are gender neutral, except for:

Crothers, 2nd floor - WOMEN at Stern/South end and MEN at Encina/North end of the building (bathrooms in the middle hallway of the floor are gender neutral) and

Crothers Memorial, 3rd floor - WOMEN at Stern/South end and MEN at Encina/North end of the building (bathrooms in the middle hallway of the floor are gender neutral)

Residence Type Residence Hall
Resident Fellows Stephen Stedman & Corinne Thomas (academic year only)
Custodial Service University managed
Common Areas The two buildings are situated around a large grass lawn and barbeque with landscaping, a bocce ball court and seating areas for social interaction or study.
Emotional Support Animals Students with documented medical needs approved to have ESAs will be assigned to one of the two buildings (Crothers).


Single room - Top View
Double Room (Used as a Single Room for Autumn 2020) - Top View


Wall-to-wall carpeting
Window coverings
High-speed internet access
Telephone and telephone line
Cable TV capability
Extra-long twin bed
Desk and chair
Waste basket and recycling bin