Undergraduate Housing Reassignment Request

After students are assigned to a particular residence, they may choose to seek a more preferred choice by applying for reassignment. There are two main methods of reassignment – after the Autumn Draw during the Autumn Second Round (normally in July, and commonly referred to as the July reassignment round) or mid-academic year.

After The Autumn Draw

  • If a student received an assignment through the Autumn Draw that was not a preferred choice, they can join the Autumn Second Round for reassignment. The deadline to apply is normally in early July. See the calendar for specific deadlines. Students exempted from the Autumn Draw via the pre-assignment, Greek, or disability draw processes are not eligible to apply for reassignment through the Autumn Second Round in July.
  • Students who drew with a friend or a group should know that in the reassignment round, groups are not kept together.  If two people assigned to the same location try for reassignment, they may be reassigned to two different locations, or one reassigned and the other not reassigned.
  • Students will keep their original assignments if our office is unable to reassign them to one of the more preferred choices on their reassignment application.
  • If reassigned, students may not cancel their reassignment and remain in their original housing assignment, as their former assignment will have been allocated simultaneously to another student.
  • Information about this process is included in the Autumn Draw assignment letter students normally receive in May.


  • Reassignments are made each quarter if all students without housing have been offered a space and there are still vacancies on campus.
  • If, after the fifth week of the quarter, we are unable to accommodate all students looking for housing or if there are no vacancies left after all students are accommodated, we will not be able to offer reassignments for that quarter. 
  • All assignments and reassignments for a given quarter end on Friday of the fifth week of the quarter.
  • Reassignments are only made into unassigned spaces. Direct swaps between students are not permitted, as the housing assignment process is meant to be equitable, and not based on who you know.
  • Students can apply for a reassignment by logging into Axess, going to the Student drop-down menu and selecting Housing and Dining.  In the Housing and Dining section, there will be a menu with an option to Apply for Reassignment. Students should select this and follow the prompts.
  • After students have applied for reassignment in Axess, they must submit a Reassignment Authorization Form to Housing Assignments. The Reassignment Authorization form must be signed by their Residence Dean
  • Reassignment applications are considered in the order in which they are submitted. Students are able to edit their reassignment applications as often as they like without impacting their position on the reassignment list.
  • If a student changes their mind and no longer wishes to be reassigned, they should log into Axess and withdraw the reassignment application.
  • Students being reassigned between autumn and winter quarters will need to move out at the end of the autumn quarter and move in to their new residence at the start of the winter quarter so that both rooms can be cleaned.  Usually students store their belongings with friends during this time period.
  • A $200 reassignment fee will be added to a student's university bill if they are reassigned. Students are not charged for applying.

Change in Family or Marital Status

  • For students who are getting married or want to live with their partner or spouse on campus, they should know that married students, students with a same-sex or opposite-sex domestic partners, and students with children need to apply for Graduate Housing for Couples Without Children (couples' housing) or Students With Children (family housing). Please note that the deadline for couples and families may differ from the undergraduate housing deadline dates.
  • Undergraduates living in graduate housing who return to single undergraduate housing in a subsequent year are considered to have used their tier 1 (or tier 2 if they have already used tier 1) while in graduate housing.
  • If a student needs to join a Graduate Housing Waiting List Round due to a change in marital or family status and is reassigned, they may not cancel their reassignment and remain in their original housing. Their former assignment will have been allocated simultaneously to another student on the Waiting List.