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Meal Plan Information

R&DE Stanford Dining, Hospitality & Auxliaries (SDHA) is Committed to Excellence by providing meal programs that support the development of communities within residences and across neighborhoods. SDHA meal plans offer significant value, the highest quality food and flexibility of dining across campus to create new connections and allow students to engage in intellectual and lively discussions over meals with each other, faculty, and members of the Stanford community. SDHA prides itself on providing nutritious, sustainable and delicious food choices — embodying the Menus of Change Principles, as part of its leadership of the Menus of Change University Research Collaborative — to meet the wide variety of dietary needs within our diverse Stanford community. The Eat Well @Stanford program provides support to students dining with food allergies, religious requirements, medical needs, vegan/vegetarian diets and other nutritional needs. For more information on navigating your dietary needs in the neighborhoods, please contact

SDHA also has a long history of award-winning sustainability leadership. Our One Plate, One Planet vision captures the full breadth of our pioneering sustainable food program, which represents bold, long-term commitments to climate action and racial equity. It celebrates the power of social consciousness, operational innovation and individual food choices in promoting sustainable food systems. We believe that with each plate we serve, and each meal our students eat, we have the opportunity to create a better future for this planet together. Learn more about our Sustainable Food Ethos that guides our purchasing decisions, the positive impact we have through our menu and operations in our Sustainable Food @Stanford By the Numbers infographic, and practical tips for How to Eat Sustainably on Campus.

Apartment Meal Plan

The apartment meal plan is available to graduate students and undergraduates living in Mirrielees. It offers 5 meals per week in any dining hall plus Meal Plan Dollars.

2023-24 Academic Year Fall 

Apartment Meal Plan:

5 meals per week plus Meal Plan Dollars

Meal Plan Cost

Meal Plan Dollars