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Education and Research

Stanford Dining, Hospitality & Auxiliaries' commitment to providing students and staff with opportunities for teaching and learning is exemplified by our diverse range of programs that encourage innovation and collaboration within and beyond the university. Through these initiatives, we aim to nurture culinary leaders and drive sustainable solutions, ultimately shaping a better food future for all.



Training Through Culinary Excellence

Stanford's Culinary Excellence Program fosters talent through skill development for food service workers, career training for aspiring chefs, and culinary programs and pop-ups showcasing the exceptional skills of our executive chef team.

Culinary Excellence Program

Stanford Flavor Lab

The Stanford Flavor Lab is an innovative research and development kitchen where we create exciting menu items, test equipment, and promote forward-thinking eating experiences, fostering professional collaboration and the sharing of ideas and trends.

Stanford Flavor Lab

R&DE Teaching Kitchen @ Stanford

The R&DE Teaching Kitchen @ Stanford is a culinary training facility that offers cooking classes to students, staff, and faculty, promoting food education, nutrition, sustainability, and kitchen safety to inspire positive change in eating habits and wellbeing.

R&DE Teaching Kitchen

Stanford Food Institute Internship

This year-long program provides students with hands-on experiences in Stanford Dining's pioneering food program, including mentorship from industry leaders and opportunities to contribute to impactful projects, inspiring a potential career in the food industry.

Stanford Food Institute Internship Program

We are not currently accepting Student Project Requests. Please check back during Autumn quarter of 2024. 

For questions, please reach out to Elizabeth Hansen, Associate Director of Hospitality Strategy and Multidisciplinary Programs, at