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A Safe Campus Dining Experience

R&DE Stanford Diningʼs CleanDining program builds upon the already high standards of food safety and sanitation in the dining halls, utilizing industry best practices and enhanced cleaning protocols. The goal of R&DE Stanford Diningʼs CleanDining program is to provide students with reassurance of the safety of their dining experience and create a focus on enhanced cleanliness that will be visible to students. Our CleanDining policies and related procedures manual is a living document that will be updated as new university guidelines and county regulations develop. R&DE Stanford Diningʼs CleanDining program was created to consistently meet all of the evolving expectations during the COVID-19 pandemic.



For more information about the CleanDining Safety Procedure, the manual is linked below.


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Safe Dining Hall
Environment for Students

Protecting the students in our community is our first priority. We’re dedicated to delivering the same delicious food service but have implemented strict safety measures to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Staff with mask in kitchen

Safe Dining Hall
Environment for Staff

CleanDining safety protocols are in place to protect our dedicated staff, including increased cleaning and physical distancing in the workplace.

Cleaning table surface

Safety Measures in the
Kitchen and Dining Hall

Our CleanDining program is comprised of specific safety measures designed to protect the health of our campus community. While these processes and policies will continue to evolve, Stanford Dining has defined the key procedures in place now.