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Kennedy Commons

Kennedy Commons Reservation Rules

General Eligibility

For the Great Room

  1. You must be a registered, matriculated Stanford graduate student living in Escondido Village with a valid SUID number or a Graduate Life Office Dean to reserve the space.
  2. The event must be for Stanford Graduate Students.
  3. The Great Room has no time limit for a reservation but can only be reserved once a month by the same individual or group. Events must end by 11:30 p.m.

For the Meeting Room

  1. You must be a registered, matriculated Stanford graduate student living in one of the Kennedy Residences with a valid SUID number or a Graduate Life Office Dean to reserve the space.
  2. The event must be for Stanford Graduate Students.
  3. The Meeting Room has a three hour time limit for reservations and can be reserved by the same individual or group bi-monthly. Events must end by 11:30 p.m.

For the Game Room, Multipurpose Room, Music Room, or TV Lounge

  1. You must be a resident of the Kennedy Residences (Hastorf House, Lieberman House, Miller House, or Rosse House).
  2. These rooms operate on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Party Planning Information

Graduate Volunteer Student Organizations and joint graduate/undergraduate student groups (GVSOs) and individual graduate students must review the party planning guidelines to determine the appropriate level of their event and the requirements for planning. Party planners should pay close attention to the requirements for parties that are open to the graduate community, including large numbers of students and their allowed guests, as well as the serving of alcohol. Specifically, regarding the service of alcohol please be aware of security, notification, and ID/wristband requirements. Complete party planning information is available at

*Please be aware that if party guidelines are not followed, individual or group users may lose future reservation privileges.

Room Descriptions and Reservation Policies

  • Please review the planning guidelines at
  • When scheduling an event, please allow at least 30 minutes between the end of the previous event and the beginning of your event.
  • Event Organizers are responsible for the cleaning, trash removal, and returning chairs and tables to the room’s previous configuration immediately following an event. To allow adequate time for clean-up, it is recommended that reservations for parties or large gatherings in the Great Room end one hour later than the end of the event e.g., events that end at 10:45 p.m. should schedule their reservation to end at 11:45 p.m. For smaller events, we suggest a 30 minute extension between the actual end of the event and the end of the reservation. Although the majority of cleaning tasks will occur once participants have left the Center, it is recommended that you begin some clean-up activities about 30 minutes before the event ends, i.e., pick up trash, take trash and recyclables to trash removal area, etc. Please encourage participants to quietly and quickly retrieve bicycles and depart from the areas surrounding the building to minimize disruption to nearby residents.
  • Groups/individuals who repeatedly fail to show up for a reservation may lose their reservation privilege.
Game RoomSmall room with Ping-Pong table and pool table.10
Great RoomGreat for large meetings, large gatherings, or receptions. Has 8 flip-top tables (6 ft. by 3 ft.) and 40 stack chairs. Has LED monitor with smart panel control and a podium.Assembly: 50 
Dining: 35 
Meeting RoomGreat for small to medium study groups or gatherings. Has 6 tables and 15 chairs. Has LED monitor with smart panel control.15
Multipurpose RoomSmall meeting room. Great for studying and small gatherings. Has multiple white boards including a smart white board.15
Music RoomSmall meeting room for music practice. Has digital piano and five chairs and five stands.5
TV LoungeLarge room. 80-inch flat screen TV. Great for movie night, studying or large gatherings.45

Alcohol Policy

If you are planning on serving alcohol at your event, all event attendees who will be consuming alcohol should be visibly identified as being at least 21 years of age or older. Please review Stanford University’s Alcohol Policy for further information. 

For all events that include alcohol, the group or event representative must have attended the Party Planning Workshop offered by the Office of Student Activities and must adhere to all University policies regarding event planning.

Cleaning and Care of Rooms

  • Groups and individual users are responsible for all cleaning immediately following an event. Cleaning includes wiping tables free of any spills, vacuuming carpeted area, sweeping and mopping tile and hardwood floors. Users of the kitchen within the great room are required to clean all inside and outside surfaces of appliances. The stove and microwave can only be used to heat food for scheduled events. Appliances must be turned off immediately following use.
  • Collect and remove all trash and recyclables and place in appropriate receptacles outside of the Kennedy Commons.
  • Reposition tables and chairs to their original location and return any borrowed tables and chairs to storage areas.
  • Furniture may not be moved between rooms.
  • Failure to clean and ready a room for subsequent use will result in cleaning charges that will be billed to the group or the individual user. Damage to rooms or furniture will also be billed to the group or the individual user. Repeated incidents of failure to clean or damage by a group or an individual may result in denial of future reservation privileges.
  • Decorations, flyers, etc. cannot be adhered to wall surfaces and cannot be hung or attached to ceiling.
  • Candles are prohibited in the Kennedy Commons.
  • Please exercise care during set-up and clean-up. Do not stand on tables or chairs. Be alert to slippery floor surfaces during cleaning.

Room Reservation Request

Kennedy Commons Room Reservation Form