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Non-Matriculated Student and Eligibility

Non-Matriculated Student Eligibility

While Stanford Student Housing is primarily intended for the use of Stanford students who are enrolled in a degree program (matriculated students) and is often in very high demand, we are able to accommodate some graduate students who are enrolled at Stanford but not pursuing degrees (non-matriculated students) in university housing once we meet demand from matriculated students.

Post-doctoral fellows, visiting scholars, and other students who are enrolled at Stanford, but who are not pursuing degrees, might be eligible for housing after all matriculated students have been accommodated. 

Stanford provides three different types of graduate student housing. Select the links below to view eligibility requirements for each type.

Non-matriculated students are not eligible to renew their contracts in student housing and are not likely to be assigned until later in the autumn quarter. Demand for housing goes down each quarter throughout winter, spring and summer. You are more likely to receive housing later in the year. However, most non-matriculated students will need to move out in August. 

Non-matriculated students are encouraged to apply for the Oak Creek apartments available through the Faculty Staff Housing Office as they have priority for that rental housing program. 

Through our Community Housing website, we can also provide resources to help you find off-campus housing opportunities.

Enrollment Requirements

You must be enrolled during each quarter you live on campus. You do not need to be enrolled in courses when you check in, but you must be eligible to enroll and must not have any enrollment or housing holds. International students with an administrative hold from the Bechtel International Center will be permitted to check in.

In situations where both spouses/partners are Stanford students, only one student must be enrolled to maintain eligibility for housing. However, in one-bedroom plus den apartments, both students must be enrolled for the contract period or approved to be in housing while on leave (students can gain approval by using Axess and filing a petition with Housing Assignments).

Non-matriculated Application Process

To apply, please file a housing application for either Single Graduate Housing, Couples without Children, or Students with Children Housing using the Housing & Dining link in Axess, under the My Information menu. Select Housing & Dining Login and then Apply for Housing. 

Non-matriculated students may apply for the first-round of summer 2024 starting April 3, 2024.

Non-matriculated students are not able to apply at the same time as matriculated students for the first- or second-round of autumn. They may not submit an application for autumn 2024-25 until July 4, 2024 as part of the rolling assignment round. 

Non-matriculated students may apply for the first-round of winter 2025 starting September 25, 2024 and the first-round of spring 2025 starting on January 7, 2025, at the same time as matriculated students.

Non-matriculated students will be assigned after the demand from matriculated students has been accommodated, even in quarters when they can apply in the first-round. 

See for more application information.

Please keep in mind that you may not be able to submit an application for university housing until your appointment officially begins. 

Sublicensing: Stanford graduate students can sublicense their apartments for one quarter per year if they will be away.  Non-matriculated students with SUNet IDs can view available spaces on the sublicense webpage. Non-matriculated students can only sublicense an on-campus student housing space once demand has been met from matriculated students.

Non-Student Summer Housing: During the summer period housing is available on campus in student housing, but at higher non-student prices. Information and an application are available on the Stanford Conferences website

Looking for Off-Campus Housing on Your Own

  • The Community Housing office accepts rental listings from people in the community.  See the web site for information on how to view the rental listings.
  • SU Post is a website (not run by Stanford University) which contains housing listings.
  • Craig’s List is a popular website which has many rental listings.