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Sterling Quadrangle (also known as Sterling Quad) consists of four connected residences and during the academic year (excluding summer) hosts Freshman/Sophomore College (FroSoCo) in two residence halls called Adams and Schiff. Together Adams and Schiff are home to freshmen and sophomores who are interested in broad intellectual exploration of the liberal arts and sciences. Potter House and Robinson House, the third and fourth halls, are upperclass residences, and, though each residence in Sterling Quad functions as a separate community, they all come together for meals in Ricker Dining or activities in the Elliott Program Center.

Planning for Governor’s Corner began in 1978 as an answer to a housing need for 800 new students. Sterling Quadrangle was the final structure completed in a phase from 1982-1983 after the opening of the Independent Houses, Suites and Dining societies, and the Elliott Program Center.

Sterling Quadrangle is named after former President of Stanford University, Wallace Sterling, and his wife, Anne. Adams, one of the Freshman-Sophomore College residences, was named for Ephraim Douglass Adams, a history professor and the first chairman of the Hoover Library; Schiff, also a Freshman-Sophomore residence, is named for physics professor and first chair of the Faculty Senate, Leonard Isaac Schiff. Two more history professors, Davis Morris Potter and Edgar Eugene Robinson, join the group to name Potter House and Robinson House. Potter was also a nationally known as an expert on the Southern secession, and Robinson was the chair of the Committee on the Independent Study Plan, the precursor of departmental honors program.

Ricker Dining and Performance Center is named after Christine Ricker, Manager of University Food Service in the 1940s and 50s. She helped feed the campus through the rationing of World War II.

For information on the accessibility of residences for both living and visiting, please reference our Undergraduate Residences Accessibility Summary chart.

General Information

Residence Name

Governor’s Corner – Sterling Quad



Navigation Address

236 Santa Teresa St., Stanford, CA 94305

Housing Front Desk

Governor’s Corner at Elliott Program Center
589 Governor’s Avenue, Stanford, CA 94305

Custodial Service

University managed

Dining Service

The first university facility of its kind in the nation, Ricker Dining is Stanford's peanut-sensitive dining environment. In recognition of the growing number of students with peanut allergies, we have provided a safe, full-featured facility in which peanut-sensitive and non-peanut-sensitive diners alike can enjoy the best of what Stanford Dining has to offer. With its beautiful dining location on the west side of campus complete with a state-of-the art meeting room, lounge areas and trellised patio, Ricker Dining is a very popular location.

Co-ed Type

Co-ed on each floor (students of different genders live on the same floor.

Sterling Quad offers gender-inclusive room assignments in upper-class 2-room doubles in FroSoCo.

Common Areas

Each residence has its own outdoor recreational area, living room, study, kitchenette, computer room, laundry room, and other common areas.

The Residences

Adams Schiff
FroSoCo* - Adams   FroSoCo* - Schiff  
Potter House Robinson House
Potter House Robinson House 

House Facts

Freshman-Sophomore College (FroSoCo*) - Adams and Schiff


Four-class house, with focus on frosh and sophomores  (academic year only)

Co-ed Type:

Co-ed on each floor (students of different genders live on the same floor)
FroSoCo offers gender-inclusive room assignments in upper-class 2-room doubles

*Res Ed Program

Pre-assignment program - Freshman Sophomore College (FroSoCo)
See Residential Educations' web page on FroSoCo
Pre-assignments offered
Potter House


Upperclass house

Co-ed Type:

Co-ed on each floor

Robinson House


Upperclass house

Co-ed Type:

Co-ed on each floor

Important Assignment Information

*Residential Education offers a pre-assignment system for Special Program Houses for academic year assignments. This process allows Resident Fellows, Faculty Affiliates, and house program staff to pre-assign, before the annual housing Draw, a set number of residents who complete a pre-assignment application and meet specific requirements. See the Residential Education website for detailed pre-assignment information.




Wall-to-wall carpeting

Extra-long twin bed

Window coverings

Desk and chair

High-speed internet access


Telephone and telephone line


Cable TV capability



Waste basket and recycling bin


Male and female bathrooms on each floor. Bath tub room on the 1st floor

Sample Floor Plan

Single room - Top View One room, Double - Top View
Floor Plan Floor Plan