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For Graduate Students

NOTE: Due to COVID-19 social distancing measures, Graduate Housing Front Desks are closed to walk-ins. Please contact us via phone or email for assistance.

Please locate your regional R&DE Student Housing Front Desk below to view hours of operation and staff members.

Lockout Assistance:  Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. contact your R&DE Student Housing Front Desk (see below).

  • Outside of these hours, call the emergency maintenance hotline:  (650) 725-1602.  Please note:  This is NOT the R&DE Student Housing Front Desk phone number.  
    Contact numbers for each R&DE Student Housing Front Desk can be found on the individual web pages by clicking on the photos or links below.  Thank you.

Emergency Maintenance Assistance(650) 725-1602

Crothers exterior

Crothers Hall

Serving Mirrielees

Escondite Cottage Exterior

Escondite Cottage

Serving Escondido Village buildings 55-94, Abrams, Barnes, Hoskins and Hulme

Kennedy Residence

Kennedy Graduate Residences

Serving Lieberman House, Miller House, Hastorf House, Rosse House, Escondido Village Buildings 1 - 54, Blackwelder, McFarland, Quillen and Studios 2 - 6

Munger Exterior

Munger Graduate Residence

Serving Munger Graduate Residence (Buildings 1-4 and Jacobson-Sorensen Hall)
and Lyman Graduate Residences (Buildings 1 & 3)

Rains Exterior

Rains Houses

Serving Escondido South,
Rains Houses and Studio 1



For Undergraduate Students

Open R&DE Student Housing Front Desks: As part of our social distancing efforts, R&DE Student Housing Front Desks across campus has minimized our in-person presence. The Governor's Corner and Crothers Front Desks will remain open Monday through Friday for lockout and other assistance; while they're not open to “walk-ins,” these front desks are available by phone or email. 

In addition, please note that all R&DE Student Housing Front Desk email accounts will be checked regularly.

Governor’s Corner and Crothers R&DE Student Housing Front Desks will be open to assist you Monday-Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

“Shelter-in-place” Requirement: To adhere to university “shelter-in-place” measures, please do not invite or provide access to non-building residents.

Governor’s Corner

R&DE Student Housing Front Desk


Serving Westside Residences: Governor’s Corner, Lagunita, Roble and Florence Moore.


R&DE Student Housing Front Desk


Serving Eastside Residences: Wilbur, Crothers, Toyon, Branner, Gerhard Casper Quad and Mirrielees.

Lockouts: During business hours (Monday – Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.), the open R&DE Student Housing Front Desk in your area will provide lockout assistance. After-hours and on weekends, you can call 650-725-1602 to request R&DE CARE Team assistance. Because student staff no longer have master key access to provide lockout support, we have modified after-hours lockout charges. The first lockout is free, the second is $25, and the third and following are the usual rate of $45.

Security: Because your residence will be less populated during this time, we strongly suggest that you continue to lock your doors and carry your room key and access card with you at all times. To uphold the security of your building we ask you not leave exterior doors propped open or tamper with the building access system. If you notice suspicious activity in or around the building, call the Stanford Department of Public Safety at 650-723-2413 (non-emergency) or 911 (emergency or unknown).

Maintenance: Please continue to submit FixIt requests for essential needed repairs. For urgent requests during business hours, please contact either the Governor’s Corner or Crothers R&DE Student Housing Front Desk for assistance. For after-hours emergency maintenance needs, the CARE team may always be reached at 650-725-1602.

Crothers exterior

Crothers Hall

Serving Wilbur, Crothers, Toyon, Branner and Gerhard Casper Quad

Exterior housing

Governor's Corner

Serving Governor’s Corner, Lagunita, Roble and Florence Moore