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New This Year

On this page, you will read about policy changes as well as upcoming construction and renovation projects that affect the application process. 

Construction in the EV High-Rise Apartments

Blackwelder will close for major renovation in summer and autumn of 2022. Blackwelder residents will have priority to relocate to other housing options. Quillen will close for renovation in winter and spring of 2023. Quillen residents will relocate to the renovated Blackwelder apartments. Students currently living in Blackwelder and Quillen will be able to renew their full-year junior two bedroom, one bath contracts for 2021-22 and will have priority to move to the junior two-bedroom, one bath options when the renovations start next summer. We will be offering an academic-year choice for the high-rise apartments in the 2021 Lottery. Students moving into the high-rises this year will likely be assigned to a contract that ends in spring 2022. Students on the academic-year contract will not be able to renew their contract for the 2022-23 year and will need to apply through the Lottery for both summer 2022 and the following year.

Construction in the EV Low-Rise Apartments

We started renovations in the Escondido Village low-rise apartments in autumn 2021. These apartments will be completely renovated, including all new bathrooms and kitchens, as well as upgrading the plumbing and electrical systems, replacing the heating radiators in the second-floor bedrooms, replacing insulation in the attic and walls, and evaluating if the roofs need replacement. The buildings will also be painted. We will take three buildings off-line at a time each quarter for these renovations.

These renovations will pause at the end of summer 2021 and start up again in the summer of 2022. The students in buildings 84, 85 and 86 will need to relocate by the beginning of summer 2022. They can still renew the same type of housing, but will need to relocate to a different Escondido Village low-rise apartment at the end of spring quarter.

The students in buildings 81, 82 and 83 will move into the renovated apartments in buildings in 84, 85 and 86 by the beginning of autumn 2022. Then students in buildings 78, 79 and 80 will move into the renovated apartments in buildings in 81, 82 and 83 by the beginning of winter 2023. The students in building 75, 76 and 77 will move into the renovated apartments in buildings 78, 79 and 80 by the beginning of  spring 2023.

Off-campus Subsidized Housing

Stanford has been leasing off-campus subsidized apartments in Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Mountain View, and Redwood City to meet the demand from graduate students. These subsidized off-campus apartments will be offered along with the on-campus options in the Lottery application. 

Students currently living in off-campus, subsidized housing will not be able to automatically renew their housing assignments. However, depending on overall housing demand and COVID-19 related requirements, we may be able to assign some off campus students back into their same apartments. Students who are interested in the chance to be assigned back into the same space should rank their current off-campus housing assignment as their first choice on their housing application.

We will not know how many off campus assignments we will make until demand is assessed after the Lottery closes. Therefore students ranking off-campus options should also be sure to rank on-campus housing options.  Given the uncertainties of the COVID-19 situation, students assigned to off-campus, subsidized housing should know that they may have to relocate to campus during the academic year due to emerging circumstances. Additionally, students in off-campus housing will not be able to renew for the 2022-23 academic year and cannot sublet their apartments.

Students who are applying for the same category of housing and have one year of medium housing priority remaining, will receive a special assignment priority and will therefore be considered early on in the assignment process.

Couples without Children in Escondido Village Standard Studios

Over the past several years the demand for couples housing has increased significantly. In an effort to meet that demand we have offered Escondido Village standard studios to couples without children. Those apartment were originally designed for single students. Now that we have opened additional premium studios that are designed for couples, we are offering an additional renewal option for the couples in the standard studios to move to the larger premium studios in the new Escondido Village Graduate Residences. Couples who wish to stay in the Escondido Village standard studio will be able to renew in that type of housing as well.

Two-bedroom Apartments for Couples without Children

Couples without children will be able to rank two new housing options in the Lottery this year: the two-bedroom, one-bath low-rise apartment in Escondido Village and the premium two-bedroom, two bath apartment in Escondido Village Graduate Residences. The number of two-bedroom apartments offered to couples will be determined after the the Lottery deadline once we know if we can meet the demand from enrolled students. Students interested in these options should list them on their applications, but are encouraged to rank the one-bedrooms and studios as well.

Summer 2021 Options for Students Who Renew for 2021-22

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, sublicensing in graduate housing will not be allowed during summer quarter 2021. We recognize that this can cause hardship for students who renew their housing for the 2021-22 year, but do not wish to remain in residence during summer 2021.

In order to help students through this difficult time, we are offering graduate students who renew their contract for 2021-22 three options for managing the summer 2021 portion of their housing contract. These options are only being offered during summer 2021 due to the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic, and will not be available in future years.

Please note that the options below are only available to students who renew their housing contract for the 2021-22 year. Students who are currently in a full-year contract who do not renew their housing are not obligated to keep the summer portion of their housing contract. They can simply file a Termination of Occupancy form in Axess, indicating the date they will completely move out of their residence and return their key.

If you renew your contract for the 2021-22 year, you may take one of the following actions for summer 2021.

  1. Keep the summer portion of your contract. No action is needed if you wish to exercise this option. You will be billed for the full summer quarter.

  2. Completely move out for the summer. File a Termination of Occupancy form in Axess, indicating the date you will move out for the summer. You must file your termination and move out on or before July 1. Your billing will end on the date you move out, but no earlier than June 14. Your contract and billing will resume on the date you move back into Stanford housing or September 10, whichever is sooner. You will need to schedule a move-in appointment prior to your arrival.

    You must remove all of your personal belongings from your apartment and return your key on or before your move-out date.

    If you need to return before September 1, you should make arrangements to do so with your Housing Service Center. You will not be eligible to return before August 1. 

    When you return to housing, you will be assigned back into the same general housing location and apartment type, but you may not be assigned back into the exact apartment you vacated.

  3. Lock and Go. If you do not wish to remove your belongings from your apartment and/ or you want to ensure you keep the exact same apartment for the 2021-22 year, you may leave your belongings in place. You must vacate your apartment on or before July 1 and return your key. You will not be charged July or August rent on your apartment. Instead, you will be charged a flat fee of $550 for storage of your items for July and August. Your full billing will resume September 1. This option is only available for students who renew into he same apartment for the 2021-22 year. 

    If you need to return before September 1, you should make arrangements to do so with your Housing Service Center and your billing will resume when you reoccupy your apartment. You will not be eligible to return before August 1. No portion of the Lock and Go fee will be refunded if you return before September 1.

    While away, you will not be permitted to access your apartment. Your card access will be turned off and the lock to your bedroom will be plugged. If you are found to be in residence while you have indicated you will be away, you will be charged the full cost of summer housing and your 2021-22 housing contract may be cancelled.

    All items left in your apartment are left at your own risk. Per the Residence Agreement, Stanford University is not responsible for students’ personal belongings. Housing staff may enter your apartment while you are away to conduct health and safety inspections and/ or to conduct maintenance.

    If you are in a shared apartment, please be aware that a new roommate(s) may move in while you are away. We strongly encourage you to leave all of your personal belongings in your locked bedroom.

    Students should have a plan in place to retrieve their belongings in the event they will not be able to return to campus due to unforeseen circumstances, including COVID-related impacts (e.g. travel restrictions, shelter-in-place orders, personal or family illness, etc.). Students are responsible for the removal of their belongings. Housing charges resume September 1 and will continue until all belongings have been removed. No packing or storing assistance will be provided and the student is solely responsible for arranging to have their items removed from their apartment.

    Lock and Go signups will begin when Lottery results are announced on May 22. You must file this form before July 1.

Move-in Appointments

You will have an opportunity to schedule a specific move-in appointment before arriving on campus. In general, the move-in appointment options you will be offered will be around the date you select on this application. Your Housing Service Center will provide you with details about making a move-in appointment after you have been assigned to a specific apartment. Your housing charges will be adjusted to reflect the move-in appointment date you select after you are assigned.

Sharing Contact Information with Future Roommates

You will have the opportunity to share contact information with your assigned roommate prior to checking in. Once you are assigned to a specific apartment, closer to your move-in date, you will receive an email from your Housing Service Center with a link to a Roommate Information portal. While we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity, it is not required and both roommates must opt in and share contact information in order to connect.