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New This Year

On this page, you will read about policy changes as well as upcoming construction and renovation projects that affect the application process. Updates for 2020-21 will be coming soon.

New Graduate Housing in Escondido Village

Escondido Village Graduate Residences (EVGR), Stanford’s newest on-campus residential community, combines functional floor plans with a host of features to help students feel at home. The new buildings will be multi-story, ranging from six to 10 stories and will house single graduate students in junior two bedroom, two bath apartments, premium two bedroom, two bath apartments and premium studios and couples without children in premium studios. The pavillion and central buildings include a market, café/pub and indoor and outdoor community spaces, in addition to huddle rooms, computer clusters and messy art spaces. The complex runs along Campus Drive and Serra Street between Thoburn Court and Blackwelder Court.

When Escondido Village Graduate Residences opens in the fall, we will welcome an additional 2,423 graduate students to their new Stanford homes. This represents a net increase of 1,200 spaces (for a total of 7,200 spaces) and means we will be able to offer on-campus housing to many more students than we have in the past. We strongly encourage all students interested in living on campus to apply through the lottery as even those without housing priority may be assigned to campus housing. 

See more information on the new Escondido Village Graduate Residences, including weekly construction updates, photos and drone footage

Off-campus Subsidized Housing

Stanford has been leasing and subsidized off-campus apartments to meet the demand from graduate students until the new graduate housing is complete. The off-campus subsidized apartments will only be available through the end of the 2019-20 year when Stanford will open 2,400 new graduate housing spaces in Escondido Village in August 2020. This will allow us to end the off-campus subsidized housing program and provide enough housing to support all eligible graduate students on campus. 

Students living in off-campus subsidized apartments for 2019-20 will need to move on campus to continue in university housing. Students will relocate throughout the spring and summer of 2020 depending on when their on-campus housing assignment is available. The new graduate housing is expected to open in August 2020. Students who have medium priority years remaining for the 2020-21 lottery and are applying for the same category of housing will receive a special on-campus housing priority to all types of on campus and will be assigned in the Lottery based on their randomly assigned lottery number and their housing preferences. Students who are not eligible to renew or who are applying for a different category of housing will join the Lottery with their regular housing priority level. All students will have an additional residential priority to the new Escondido Village Graduate Residences.

Couples in Escondido Village Standard Studios

Over the past several year the demand for couples housing has increased significantly. In an effort to meet that demand we have offered Escondido Village standard studios to couples without children. Those apartment were originally designed for single students. Now that we are opening additional premium studios that are designed for couples, we are offering an additional renewal option for the couples in the standard studios to move to the larger premium studios in the new Escondido Village Graduate Residences. Couples who wish to stay in the Escondido Village standard studio will be able to renew in that type of housing as well.

Escondido Village Two-bedroom Low rises for Two-student Couples

Starting next autumn, there will be a two-bedroom low-rise apartment option available for two student couples. Both you and your spouse or partner will need to be matriculated Stanford students in order to be eligible for that option.